Tuesday, 30 August 2011

adu adu adu! Dx

huuuu! big trouble! want to what? my gf get mad at me.. huuu! im just telling the true ba to her last night.. but she tuduh me have perempuan lain.. huuuu! bb! how could you tuduh me like that! Dx

this is the reason why im late reply tou msg ba bb :

1. my father already say that my hp is controlling myself..
2. im helping my father make the api for panggang..
3. after the picnic my hp low bat.. and im tired to tekan the keypad
4. at that night, my msg always RESEND for 4 minute! Dx

do please believe me dear! Dx

i love you so much! Dx

happy day on 30/08/2011

hi! hi! hi! =D

history of the life of me! =D you guys know what? hahahaa! of course you don't know you dumb dumb head.. hahaha LOL just kidding.. xD

ok.. today is the first day of hari raya.. and i don't care enough.. xD lol.. but today is my sis birthday.. hahahaha!
we celebrate the birthday "party" at tanjong lobang.. hoho.. i know you don't know that kind of place because you don't have to.. hahaha! kidding.. =)

beside that.. me and my birthday sis has invited a guest.. vary special guest.. the special guest if a FEMALE.. cute female, shorty female, pretty female and also she is my..........................................................

my what......

my GIRLFRIEND LAAAA! hahahaha!

her name is daphne donna martin henry man..=D

this is the first time on both of us life.. lol...

first... she was afraid to join us.. hahahaha.. then i PUJUK PUJUK DIA to join.. so she has made the decision to join.. hahaha.. on the night before the picnic.. me , my girl , and my sis have plan to do.. but i don't have any idea what is the plan.. lol....

ok ok.. on the picnic day(30/08/2011) we arrived at the tanjong lobang at 10 something a.m.. then do all the thing for camping such as the fire.. the food and etc.. lol

when she was arrived.. my mom immediately ask her for a question.. hahaha.. saya yang tgah panggang panas badan .. sbb first time ba.. xD .. after my mom.. then my dad.. huuuu! so many question .. hhmm...

after that.. eating.. then after eating.. hahaha.. we go for a walk at the beach.. i was planning to go for a dating with her at the jeti.. but.. i think she don't want to.. huu.. pity me.. lol...

by the way... suddenly a german shepherd with his owner came toward us.. hahaha.. then my girl was so excited to see the dog.. hahaha.. then the owner of the german shepherd just let the dog play with us.. hahaha.. want to see the picture of it.. wait yaa... hahaha!

after the dog.. me, my girl and my siblings go play at the park.. haha.. happy kan.. xD jealous? hahaha.. you suppose to.. xD

ok here the picture of us :

birthday sis.. =D

my parents haha

happy kannn.. xD

my girl with the dog.. lol

my birthday sis with the dog.. haha

my birthday sis playin..

i really like this picture.. my gf! =D

me and my gf.. <3

ok thats all.. bye bye.. hahaha

Sunday, 28 August 2011

does she know how much i love her..:D

hey girl on the picture.. you know what.. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU LOVE ME.. heeeee =D

you're the one that i've been searching for last time.. now i find you.. i'll keep you deep inside my heart.. there's no one can harm disturb you.. =)

for the reader : you guys want to know the reason why that i love her.. 

read this.. =

-she's pretty 
-she's intelligent
-she love just like i love her
-i know her very much
-she's cute
-she's better in english bahasa melayu and art
-she like to make joks  on me
-she always be with me
-she always make me angry (geram) xD
-i like her attitude
-she's a happy person
-always share something to me

ok dear.. thats all.. i think there's a lot more than this.. i can't list them because i forgot it.. sorry dear..



Friday, 26 August 2011

habis suda exam.. hohoho

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! =D

i know you guys still having exam.. xD hahahhaa *penauk jak... we already finished exam yesterday.. hhoho. neey.. jealous? hahaha.. you have to.. xD hahaha..

by the way.. hehhee.. fell so relief after exam.. yeasterday on 26/08/2011 is moral paper.. kinda hard.. hahaha.. the exam start on 7.10 a.m.. only in 20 minute i ask for a permission to go to toilet.. hahaha.. you understand what i'm doing inside the toilet.. xD memories all the definition for the moral paper.. xD hohoho.. i think some of my friend know .. because they smiling at me while i ask for permission to go to toilet.. xD hehehhe..

haha.. the night before the moral exam.. fuuuhhhhhhhhh.. hahaha.. btol betol macam orang pandai study.. xD laptop depan.. handphone sebelah.. kertas kat tgan.. xD hahaha..

then my mom ask me.. " macam mana la nak faham apa yang kamu baca tu sampai laptop ngan hp sbelah kmu? " hahahha.. then i answer her " kalau saya buat satu kerja macam buat kerja rumah la terutama nya meamng pening palak saya " hahahah.. logic isn't it.. xD hahahaha

ok.. that all for now.. xD bye bye..

ow.. forgot something...



hahaha... hey everyone.. how are you guys today.. xD

me? haha, when i'm post the word "haha" only.. u know what its mean ok.. still don't know.. BAD MOOD LAH! BONGOK! iissh.. why do people have the "CEMBURU" "JEALOUS" and "DON'T APPRECIATE" for  something that they don't like or something that they cannot do and something like etc.. =.=

i really hates this kind of people.. i wish that i can kick their dick into the intestine.. hoho..

just know.. its happen on FACEBOOK... i was hoping to make all of my friend happy for that video.. hahhaa.. but there something happen.. this GUY name xxxxxxxxxx .. don't want to show his name of.. sorry.. i don't know what happen to him.. but i think that he's jealous.. hahaha... kalau jeles.. jangan cakap bukan bukan bengek.. if you have any shuffle talent just battle up with me you MORAN..

play sepak takraw? hah! sepak takraw is the BORINGEST game that i ever had.. you know why? because we never sweat when play that game.. hahha.. advance la cikit.. play badminton more useful from you game u dumb dumb head!

hahaha... ok la.. stop here.. my head pening now..

Thursday, 25 August 2011

seluar dalam garfield!

hai.. hahhaa.. nak share spender garfield saya ni.. xD

saya tak da gambar nak share.. sorry.. =P hahhaa...

nii.. sluar dalam @ spender @ underwear @ seluar yang di dalam.. saya yang ada cap garfield ni.. start jadi best friend saya sejak selepas saya sunat.. xD hahaha.. mak belikan.. cute kan.. kamu belum tgok gk.. neeeey.. saya ada spender garfield.. =P kamu ada? xdaaaaaa kan.. hahaha.. jeles? memang PATUT pun.. buek.. xD

nak tauk bila saya pakai spender garfield ni?  setiap malam.. hahaha.. best.. kendur.. ada angin masok ba.. hahahahah! selesa tut tut saya kena .. masa tidur pun selesa.. ada mimpi yang best best! *kadang kdang la.. xD

hope DAPHNE DONNA can see my favorite spender la.. hahhaha!

use it go to school? uuuuu! no no no! dun want. =P ada special gk untk sekolah punya.. hahahha...

ok la.. stop here for now.. =D

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

everyday after eat.. =.= no topic angain baaaaa Dx

hye hye.. =D

really... i don't have any idea or some topic to share.. xD ..
ok ok.. pasal makan per makanan saya setiap  hari... kenapa bila saja waktu selepas makan .. gerenti saya BERAK or MELABUR or BAYAR SAHAM dalam tandas.. hahahahaha! style la. xD tp steady gk la for my gerek.. hahhaa.. her father says that when want to go to toilet.. must bring something interesting or the buku.. hohoho.. they called their tandas LIBRARY .. for example .. " saya nak ke library dalam rumah " hahahaha... you know what it mean right.. hohoho.. by the way.. creative ! =)

back to topic.. xD pasal berak lepas makan kan.. ok ok..

bila saya berselera nak makan.. memang la saya makan.. apa lagi.. bengeng.. =.= selepas makan.. asal kn saya dah FULL perut then mok relax.. mok baring .. mok msg.. mok guling guling dengan bantal.. gerenti burit dah xtahan nafsu nak mengesek dgn mangkok tandas.. haih.. ada salah makan ka.. pek la. mak masak sdap-sedap pun nak berak ka... bak kata orang .. kalau makanan jadi taik.. m\semakin kurus.. btol ka.. PATUT LAH SAYA KURUS! Dx phui!

ok la.. ada masa saya tak berak sehari.. macam mana rasa hoo.. hhmmmmmmmmmmmm.. =/

daphne pepek you! =D i love you! =*

Saturday, 20 August 2011

the first day that i meet her

i'll shere u guys for the first time that i meet her...

ok... first.. both of us know each other in the sosial network .. facebook..
on facebook.. there we chatting, wall2wall, inbox each other, hahahaha.. i know her facebook is from my friend status.. ngam ngam jugak that time i was looking for my old friend DAPHNE.. then i send rq to her because i thought she was my old friend.. then, after she approve my request, trus dia pergi like like comment all my gambar.. hahaha.. start from there both of us getting closer but haven't meet yet.. hahahaha.. then i ask her phone number.. but she didn't want to, so i've gave her mine la.. xD hahahahhaha.. ROMANTIC kan... xD ahahahahhaa!!

After i gave her my phone number, on that night, you know what.... =)
that was our first text massage dear.. i don't remember the date.. sorry.. =)

ok... start from there i've learned how to make a topic on massage .. how to massage a girl.. and so on..

on day... she ask me to accompany her to go to order for a burger.. hahaha..
on that day.. that is our first time first day that we meet... the first time i meet you.. =D hahaha.. very tekejut to see her so pendek and cute! *.*

hahahaha.. untill now .. she still short and cute.. =) i love you baby.. =D

ok that all for my topic today.. have fun.. =)

angry bird2

hahaha.. just finish playing angry bird game.. xD fisrt time play angry bird already up to level.................................................................................... 1 .....

hahahahhha! terrer kaann... xD hahahaha.. kinda interesting game play.. =)

play for buang all my boring..

that game can make people who played it to GERAM mood .. hahaha.. me? nonsense .. there's no such thing of geram to me when play that game.. except for the babi that ketawa n make the stupid smile while me cannot tembak the  stupid looking soldier babi.. huh..

by the way guys, that game is very cute because of the bird that have the same face.. hahaha.. but when they land on a rock .. on a really BIG ROCK.. hahahha.. that part is the funniest, xD the mata of the burung lebam! xD ahahahahahahaahaha!

kinda strange game .. xD hahhaa..

ok ok.. stop here for now..


angry bird

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy..! hahahaha.. macam apa la sbut hey.. xD ok ok.. today my topic is about angry bird.. hhhmmmmm.. angry bird ayy.. when translated to bahasa malaysia kan.. its "marah burung" heh.. strange name of the new game that exist in this year that i just now get from my sifu.. hahahaha!

my gf also says that angry bird fun but menyakitkan hati when played that kinda game.. hjahahaha..
but don't know when i'm play la.. hahahaha...
after this i'll try to play the game.. xD
btol x english ku .. xD