Thursday, 25 October 2012

hey :) whats up everyone :) i got the new me and now im ready for spm :D btw.. today (26/10/12) i feel so very sad when i opened this thing.. i miss daphne .. the old her.. since 2012. she change a lot you know. :'( now my tears fall down on the floor.. fuck this feeling. ok then.. hope that she's happy with the new one and read this post ok daph :) i miss you a alot pepek ;)

Friday, 2 March 2012

the day and the day


its been a many many day oredy dont see my blog.. so malas to open it.. LOL.. so.. how r u guys? (asking for no reason because nobody see my blog) xDD ahaha!

its 03/03/12.. third day of march.. erm.. and it is the first day of the first semester exam.. oh no.. ALREADY MARCH ?! there is ,, i think 8 month to go.. psk paper already make me very sleepy just now.. blum gk for the next paper for next week.. terutama for the SEJARAH paper..

AHAHA! sejarah??! my notes also not yet tampal in my book.. xD hang-in next week la.. see! so malas ar me.. ahaha!

anyway.. good luck on exam.. x3

Monday, 2 January 2012


heyyyyy! =D

kinda long time no on this blog.. hahaha.. so malas la tu buka.. because no read this.. lol.. hahahaha.. ada la sesetengah orang yang rajin.. x3

its the last day of holiday.. and last day for fun online .. or play GAMES... this year is my SPM year.. OMG! so cepat the time lalu.. i already in form 5.. hahaha! btw! im or we are on the way to my birthday.. xD present present! *komfom no present * hahaha! i wish someone will give me guitar or new laptop for my birthday.. LOL.. ya bruk! xD hahahaha! 

eh eh.. don't forget bout the new year! xD HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! HAVE A BLESSED NEW YEAR.. AND MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL! MGBU!

ok.. thats all.. bye for now..

                  I LOVE YOU DAPHNE DONNA! =D